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Nathan Reynolds

I’m a visual effects artist specialising in texturing and look development but my interest expands to areas of the pipeline such as lighting and compositing. I love team based collaborative environments where producing photorealistic images is the goal. I’ve been lucky enough to get employment at nineteentwenty in Bristol as a CG generalist. The company covers post-production and VFX work for Advertising, TV and Film.

I’m particularly proud of my Spitfire project which was a learning curve and created entirely by myself. Through projects like this I’ve become proficient with tools like Maya, Houdini, Mari, V-Ray and Nuke. I also have some skills in programming and tool development, an example of this is my procedural droplet project that I developed in VEX within Houdini, which is on my website. I published this asset for free online in April of 2018, it has since had 1200 views and 400+ downloads.

Alastair Sarson