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Rob Smith

As a VFX Artist I’ve become fast and efficient in Maya and created detailed creature design work in ZBrush. I’m competent with Photoshop and have a good understanding of compositing in Nuke.

However I am not taking the VFX path for a couple of reasons. I don’t love it as much as I did any more, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I want to try my hand at something that could suit me more. I often struggle with how quickly I can become bored with something and a career in VFX is likely going to be too slow paced when it comes to turnaround. I feel like doing VFX just because I’ve studied it seems silly if I’m not enjoying myself.

For the show I’ve gathered together the best of my 3D work and edited it together. I want the final thing that people see from me on this course to be all of the 3D work that I am proud of. I’m excited for what the future holds – trying to throw myself out there into the world, one big lunge at a time.

Alastair Sarson