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Steph Woodward


I’m Steph and I’m a Digital Matte Painter and Concept Artist.

Before moving to the UK, I was born in Zimbabwe, just above South Africa. I love to indulge in all forms of digital creativity, such as; portraiture painting, scenic/environments and even storyboarding.

By using various software’s that import my paintings into 3D space, it really helps me breathe life into them and express my imagination further. As a Digital Matte painter, I am always learning from observing the beauty of the world around me. This is to help me be more efficient at building worlds based from it, and constructing something that is simultaneously believable and also visually delightful.

Alongside Digital Matte painting, I have been fortunate to work for two different studios so far in Norwich; Ember Films and Lambda Films. It has taught me a lot about working in the creative industry and the challenges that arise within it!

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